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The Guildhall.

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Why shouldn’t  we  dream of a world of illusion and fantasy? The greyness, which is around us,  is because of normality. Normal things are boring. Normal things are good and nice only when everything else is too weird, too colourful, too different. You can lead a normal life from day to day or you may go on a journey of imagination into the world that you can create yourself. This is the world of fashion, beauty, taste, colours. The world, which is crazy, fabulous, creative. The world, where you can be yourself. Fashion and music give the feeling of unreality. Thanks to this, we experience something more than just life.

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Thanks a lot for lovely work from lovely photographer Anna Burzymowska. You are the real author of this photoshoot. Welcome to visit her profile:

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Photos taken from behind the window pane have very intimate nature. It is as if someone was watching your private life from the outside. As if peering into your home, your fortress. They have something magical and at the same time something forbidden. The Atmosphere there is unique.

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Photo: Anna Burzymowska

Newborn & Wedding & Family Photographer.


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