The Vintage Fair in Leicester.


It’s not easy to control my emotions after event- Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair in Leicester. So I am taking a deep breath and keep trying to control my excitement. Generally speaking, for LibertoDuet this event means more than just a vintage fair. It was the first event, during which our fashion project was officially promoted. A small step to big goals.

Perhaps it’s hard to define our style as modern. It’s definitely a mix of Victorian and Gothic styles, and classic elegance. Obviously, this is a vintage inspired style, specified by formal definitions as clothing from the 1920s to 20 years before the present day.


Therefore, exhibitors have prepared a challenge for us. Since we couldn’t take our eyes off most of the stands and the amount of things we would like to buy was almost innumerable. Starting from jackets, fur coats, through shirts, knickers, dresses and right to accessories- hats (people loved my hats!) glasses, scarves, handbags, jewellery up to all sorts of old-fashioned gadgets – paintings, phones, umbrellas, etc. All in vintage style or just with style. When I look at this, it seems to be like today, apart from technology, there is nothing new. As if the whole style was based on vintage in a little more modernist character.

The atmosphere of the event was very enjoyable. From the very beginning, we felt that we were in the right place at the right time. We were happy because our style was appreciated. We love English people for their open-mindedness and relating to others with ease. We managed to talk with many exhibitors and each of them told us their story. They told us where they travel with clothes, why they love vintage, where they take their inspiration from, and where we can meet next time. They remind me of old-fashioned traders or circus performers who visit different cities every week. It’s nice to see all of them smiling and satisfied with their current work.


From here I’d like to praise beautiful H.E.R. Vintage for a wide choice of accessories. Gaynor Storer who has a passion and great love for the 60s style. Reave House for a cup of coffee full of scented candles. Sarah and Jana Creations for unique box pictures. Lovely singers and girl Lizzy Rushby– this event was amazing because of your music. I had a great time and I was dancing very well, too. At the end I would like to highlight the Alice Ball, who together with her mother presented her collection of hats in Channel style. Congratulations on your sense of taste and your cheerful disposition.


The day ended very quickly. Due to work team –Tomek&Olek, we will show you our video and the rest of the photo shoot. We are looking forward to seeing you next time on our website.

Halo, Halo LibertoDuet're speaking (...)

Halo, Halo LibertoDuet’re speaking

Ahh Anna!

Ahh Anna!

The tea time.

The tea time.

H.E.R. Vintage

H.E.R. Vintage

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