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Nude Photography. RAW Photography Exhibition.

Welcome to RAW is a photography exhibition which took place in Leicester Guildhall 27th May – 2nd June 2016. For Liberto Duet it’s a great occasion to celebrate success of Nude Photography Photoshoot where Ania acted as a model. Photographer Agnes Juśka chosen Ania’s photos as the best and put them on main exhibition. In addition, in the day when banquet took place she brought a catalog with pictures in the bathroom Bathing time. I take it easy. Many people could see both photoshoots. „I am happy to be a part of the exhibition. Nude Photography is act of brave an beauty. I had to understand it. The results are very satisfying.” Says Ania.

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We celebrated our 1st anniversary. How we could set up this day better then make a brilliant photoshoot? We are together as a one and separate as two. Each person loves freedom and independence but with respect for each other. We love what we do, and we are happy because of our art, fashion and passion for life. We wish to everyone big love because we have enormous love already. Fly and be yourself. Dream comes true.

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Bathing time. I take it easy.

IMG_0995Bathing keeps you fit and healthy. You can get rid of all your tension and worries because taking a bath decrease level of stress. After a long day try took a bath about 60 minutes. With increased blood circulation, the blood pressure reduces and the heart function also improves. In addition, bathing before going to sleep has been proven to induce sleep. You will improve the quality of sleep and maybe even quality of dream?

Is worth to remembering about the impact on beauty. Bathing with warm or cold water is like a natural cleansing process. It removes toxins and leaving your skin smooth and soft.IMG_1079


The bath photoshoot is part of RAW project. You can support a group of photographers with their exhibition in Leicester Guildhall on 27th May (till 3rd June). As mentioned Agnese Juśka Photographer on her website „We are working hard and trying to make this day to be the best we can, but we need your help.” She added ” Click the link If you open it and watch our video (it’s a funny one) you can find out more about what we did and what are we doing. We currently try to get funding for our exhibition and we all would really appreciate is you could donate. But we are giving something back if you do that……”

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Sicilia Trip. Summer Look.


Sicily is extraordinary and unique, particularly Palermo. The city where pride and haughtiness exists with poverty and neglect accompanied by elegance. Palermo as whole Sicily is a mixed style of architecture: Arab, Norman, Medieval and Baroque. During two weeks of our travel we followed for the most characteristic places. UNESCO World Heritage List – Arab-Nordic part of Palermo & Sicily has proved to be really helpful. This nine located on the northern coast of Sicily objects, both secular and religious, from the era of the Kingdom of Sicily (1130-1194). They are a beautiful example of syncretism between the cultures of the West, Islam and Byzantium, which allowed for the development of new approaches to space, style and decoration in architecture.

It comes about fashion. We made our look in order to feeling comfort and convenience during the hot days and long travel. There was dominated t-shirt’s, shorts, dresses and straw hats. Our holiday was absolutely successful.

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Who are we?

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Liberto Duetfashion & music & blog – has been formed due to combination of two charismatic personalities. He’s a sicilian temper, tenacious, ambitious and creative. She’s a strong polish character, braved and determined. Both are admirers of bohemian spirit. They love a fashion, music and art design which make up their lifestyle. As a result have been decided to show own potential and ideas on own website. Share

Alessandro Liberto comes from Sicilian capital – Palermo, where he graduated from The Institute of European Fashion. The first experience as a Fashion Designer he achieved in the prestigious Atelier Lombardo where he assisted in the preparation of wedding dress projects. Unceasing passion and love for creation led him to the world’s fashion capital, Milan. There he developed professionally as boutique Tailor in houses Versace and Dolce e Gabbana. Another turning point in his career was working as a Junior Designer in the prestigious Wedding Atelier Antionio Riva and laboratory Casa Arte Lobosco. In order to continue to develop their professional skills Alessandro Liberto travelled to Britain, where he lives with Anna.

Anna Oszajca comes from Poland. She graduated from the Warsaw College of Promotion with Master Degree. Her professional experience is based on work in one of the largest independent music publishers Fonografika, where she was responsible for the promotions department. She was also Chief Executive of polish music portal She founded and conducted an online music program Plener TV as well. In order to explore new country and develop her own professional potential Anna traveled to the UK where she reevaluated almost everything. She began to widen her interesting in fashion and art. Presently, using her skills to promotion and management she decided running project Liberto Duet together with Alessandro.