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Liberto Duet  – fashion & music & blog – has been formed due to combination of two charismatic personalities. Alessandro is a sicilian temper, tenacious, ambitious and creative. Ania a strong polish character, brave and determined. Both are adorers the notion of bohemian. They love fashion, music and art design which make up their lifestyle. As a result, they have decided to show their own potential and implemented ideas.

Alessandro Liberto comes from Sicily where he graduated The Institute of European Fashion in Palermo. The first experience as a Fashion Design achieved in the prestigious Atelier Lombardo where he assisted in the preparation of projects wedding dress. Unceasing passion and love for creation led him to the world’s fashion capital, Milan. There he developed professional as Tailor Boutique in houses Versace and Dolce e Gabbana. Another turning point in his career was working as a Junior Designer in the prestigious Wedding Atelier Antionio Riva and laboratory Casa Arte Lobosco. In order to continue to develop their professional skills Alessandro Liberto travels to Britain, where he’s living now with Anna.

Anna Oszajca comes from Poland. She graduated the Warsaw College of Promotion. Her professional experience has been gained in one of the largest independent the music publishers Fonografika, where she was responsible for the promotions department. She was also Editor Executive of the hip-hop website www.rapportal.pl. In this time she founded and conducted an online music program Plener TV. In order to explore new country and develop own professional potential Anna traveled to the UK. There she re-evaluate almost anything. She began to broaden her interests of fashion and art. Presently, using her skills to promotion and management she decided running project Liberto Duet together with Alessandro. In addition, she is an Radio Presenter in Eava.fm and occasionally an Polish Lector.

The mission

We wish to invite you on our trip from trends in Fashion to the music world. In combination with our point of view, knowledge, style and taste. We will show you how to know break stereotypes and create a look that attracts attention for both, men and women, of course. You will get to know new tastes of music and explore new tracks connected with unique video clips and stories. Along with us you will discover beautiful places of the earth. You will be able to go through the streets of the old towns and know anecdote of local storytellers. Or explore a crowded metropolis. Then we add human relationship. Believe us, a couple origination from two different countries means a lot of compromises. We hope that you will take interest in carrying on our journey to reach a new level of attitude toward life. Take inspiration, pass it on and let it spin.

Welcome to contact: libertoduet@gmail.com

Halo, Halo LibertoDuet're speaking

Halo, Halo LibertoDuet’re speaking